Friday, November 12, 2010

Finished Dante

this one is a bit of a leap in post but i was so busy putting the costume together i didn't even get time to post so i'll be showing you the few in between shots i have on my computer already.
these are the guns after a lot of epoxy, wood, and sanding.  i took off the back piece to make a straighter handle as well as extended the magazine.  i added wood and epoxy to the ends to extend the overall barrel length since ebony and ivory are pretty big.  it no longer shoots pellets but you can still pull the trigger. 
 this was the final look of the guns, i didn't paint them as long as i should have cause i learned quite a bit after making these. first, primer is a better coat than just the paint sometimes.  second, contact paper is kind of a lame wood pattern, third, primer, which i thought was a bit thicker, is actually quite thin when you spray it on. fourth, krylon spray paint that dries in 10 minutes sucks.
so yeah i'm kind of meh on the guns after all that work but with some sanding and more work i might be able to save them

necklace was pretty easy to just rig something together.  just metal wire wrapped around leather straps. sculpey objects painted silver. they deserve some more painting though, flat silver is lame.  the image of the bucket is me stirring the jeans in the red dye for an hour.  cause putting it in the washing machine will only make it a pastel pink so a bucket works a lot better, just eats an hour of your time...  the last image are the pants and boots on me for a test fit.  my friend angie sewed a quick zipper to them to help seal the deal.

After a bunch of make up and grunge this was the final look that day.  i painted red stripes on the arm for the next day cause i forgot to buy red acrylic paint but for this one it worked out fine. i feel alright about this costume, i think next year I'll do something better.

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