Sunday, December 25, 2011

Be my penguin?

Well there aren't words to describe how i feel right now.  but i remade this last frame of a comic for someone special hoping that somehow it makes an impact on them.  it's a comic that always reminded me of her and i wanted to do something special for it one day and i wanted to wait for the right time.  although not sure if this was my opportune moment though.  now it might all be too late but whatever i'm just rambling and this is an art blog so lets talk art.

i have no traditional art here so i had to call in a lot of favors super late at night looking for whatever i could get my hands on.  i had some water colors, black spray paint, drawing paper, colored prismas, and some tape.  so i wanted to try and reproduce the last frame of this comic.

i thought first of using water color for the colors and stenciling out the black areas for the spray paint.  so i did a quick grid drawing and cut out the stencils.  then traced a second one to paint and well... the paper didn't take to kindly to water color.

so it was so crinkled up i couldn't lay it flat.  meaning there is no way the stencils would even work.  did i mention i didn't even have a paint brush?  well i had one that was for painting houses but that made things a little difficult...  so i said screw it i'm going to take my chances and just spray paint a page and hope for the best.

this was the first attempt and i didn't have any glue or anything else so i just taped down what i could and laid flat the other pieces.  it actually worked out better than i thought and those misty areas where the paper wasn't perfectly flat i actually liked.  kind of a happy accident.  although what is not a happy accident is i forgot the girls mouth on the right...  so i had to cut a page just for the mouth.

so that big page with the hole in it is the page for the mouth.  you can see the black pieces on the cardboard that i used for the stenciling and the white cutout from remnants of the stencil.

that's it cut out with her mouth there, and look! there is a yellow spot from paint i spilled... i need more room to work.  after all of this i just started coloring and well... pretty self explanatory

the paint made it difficult to color but i still did the best i could.  i hope she likes it and i hope that she remembers it. it was like 4 years ago after all. 

Oh well, i guess i should say Merry Christmas everyone.  i hope everyone is happy.

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