Friday, January 13, 2012

I feel like I should mention this...

so for about 3 years I worked passionately on this game called Wildstar by carbine studios.  I was an artist as well as a designer there.  I added a lot of assets to the game, even some game features, as well as a couple of tools.  there are a lot of talented people there and it's an amazing looking game.  Not a fan of that type of mmo myself but if it's your cup of tea feel free to check it out.

if you'd like to see what it looks like, here is the site.

(this is an awesome picture from the concept guys showing off the style.)

the style of art is after cory loftis's work.  the guy is amazing and one of the most talented people i've ever met.  he can show you how to paint something in 5 minutes that would take you 5 months to learn.  he works at disney now working on motion pictures so congrats to him for scoring a dream job.  if you'd like to check out his personal work head on over to his blog.  I highly suggest you do.

I have some of my work backed up from working on wildstar but I don't think I can post it online so if you want to see it you'd probably have to ask me :/

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