Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Ebony and Ivory Part 1

So someone had this idea that i looked like the new dante from DMC, not a fan of him at all really, but hey i need a halloween costume so lets start with ebony and ivory.  dante's custom handguns.

I first needed a base and these guns needed to be big cause dante doesn't use normal hand guns.  so i went to a sport chalet and got a pair of desert eagle airsoft guns that my friend told me might work.  they weren't the right shape but he said epoxy putty plastic would be good to help fill in stuff and get the right shape down and all i would need to do is sand them down a bit!

so here's the first pass at them

this is them hanging to dry in my kitchen, you can see the epoxy is actually sticking pretty well to the plastic.  i was pleasantly surprised with it. although that's like $20 worth of putty. oh well though, they'll be awesome.  however when i was told it would take a bit of sanding i wasn't prepared for how much sanding it would be.  epoxy putty is strong! which is both really awesome and really time consuming to sand down.  note to self, be more accurate with how much putty you place down.

next to it is a block of wood i got from micheals with some sand paper hot glued to it to get a better flatter smooth on the gun.  doing that by hand would just mess it up.  I'm really happy with how this turned out but i still need to finish sanding the other one and then continue adding epoxy and taking away from it to get the rest of the shapes in there.  i borrowed a dremel from a coworker so i think I'll get started on that ASAP. but first.... more sanding.

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