Wednesday, September 22, 2010

First Official Post

Well I'm starting this to sort of log my projects and keep people up to date as to what i do after hours instead of them just thinking i go home and rage about video games.  that's only like half my night.  so just to sum up what i have started now off the top of my head it would be...

1. sculpture of a character from the game i work on
2. a second sculpture of a character from the game i work on
3. gundam model of tallgeese started and sanded (i have a total of 7 to make i think)
4. handmade ebony and ivory handgun props for halloween and cosplay
5. really just the whole DMC suit is going down this month
6. playing through every hack and slash title i find cause i want to be a game director of one someday (yes that counts as extra work cause some of those games are awful *cough*X Blades*cough*)
7. darker than black costume.
8. Ipad game (top secret! actually i'm still waiting on the programmer to get the engine running :/ soon though)
9. any extra 3d work on my computer left undone. this is last cause it's not as fun anymore since i do it all day at work

that's all i can think of for now but in the night i made this blog i was also helping my friend by showing him how to possibly texture his Jehuty ZOE model (he modeled and unwrapped, i just had fun in photoshop).  He had to have it done by 8 a.m. so i had to paint fast, not exactly the greatest texture for him but i still had fun texturing something that was unique like that instead of rocks or trees.  i really dig POI pieces in games but then again who doesn't?

thanks to all my friends who came by my livestream and hung out for a bit.  i think i'll try to do that more often. not sure if i'll ever finish Jehuty but i'm sure i'll have something else going on.

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