Friday, January 7, 2011

Twin update...

i'm continuing to try and get better at sculpting, anatomy, and hints of stylization.  ignore the face for now.

i was hearing from people to stylize it a bit more and have it look more like the twins original concept.  my original goal was to land somewhere in between real and stylized but i think i went a little closer to real as time went on so hopefully these adjustments will help.  i think i need to thin her out a bit still to match the concept as well.  also something is still up with the shoulders and i need to play with them a bit more to figure out what i need to do.  oh yeah, i hate sculpting feet too...  and hands...

i feel like i don't need to update this much but i also feel this may be a good exercise in updating this blog on a regular basis as well as for me to better see my progression over time.  right now i'm improving slowly, but i feel like i'm learning a lot and i'm remembering a lot about anatomy that i forgot so it's been a good exercise so far.

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