Tuesday, January 4, 2011


ok so jason chan's work of the creepy weird twins was my choice for my next piece. 

i think it gives me a chance to do something outside of that toony look but still keep it slightly stylized. as well as if i do this i get two models for almost the price of one!

ok so i tried a bunch of different things to figure out which work flow is best for me since i've been away from characters so long, especially more real looking ones.  first i tried just modeling it for zbrush which failed horribly.  i'm much more used to traditional means so modeling it straight out with no side view and front view was kind of hard. haven't really done it that way in awhile.

embarrassed to even show this but hey it's process.

next i said screw it to this whole thing.  modeling it out wasn't working. even if i did want to take it into zbrush later.  so i went straight to my new friend i made last year...

good ol zspheres.  you get really bad topology with these but i find it so much easier to get my shape down.  at first i was going off the super stylized sketches that had the long legs but i changed that during sculpting.  looking back that was dumb to even make them that long.  oh well, live and learn.

so i started sculpting from that piece of crap round blob and got this basic body that's got some more realistic proportions
now like i said topology with zspheres sucks so there are few iterations in the head and many in the fingers. such is the curse of zspheres.  so i decided just to make a good base mesh that had the decent proportions and i could throw away later.  by no means is this a final sculpt at all.

so i took that and put it in 3d coat and made this mesh

got some crits on it that i still want to fix but this is my new female base mesh that i will use when sculpting females from now on. case by case of course.  so it's made up of mostly quads and now when i want to sculpt a female character i have a mesh already available so i don't have to go from scratch anymore, cause screw sculpting hands over and over again!

ok so now comes the fun part, the actual WIP of the final high poly i'll use.  it's still very early on so don't judge too much but i think it's coming along and the base mesh is relatively friendly. only a few things to fix.

the only parts i'm having the most trouble with is making it look like the twins but at the same time work in 3d.  the faces are the hardest part because the look a certain way in the concept but to get that to work in 3d really doesn't work from too many angles.  however i'm still working on it everyday so we'll see what happens tomorrow.

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